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Spa salt and salt cave salt

Ideal for wellness centres

More and more, salt caves are featuring in wellness and spa centres around the world. The beneficial effects of these environments have been known since the beginning of the century: by means of Halotherapy you can breathe iodine which emanates from the walls of salt rooms, helpful for anyone suffering allergies , sinusitis, rhinitis and asthma, or skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis.

Chromotherapy, through the clever illumination of Himalayan pink salt brick walls produces a calming effect helping against anxiety and insomnia, with its soft, soothing tones. We also stock Himalayan pink salt lamps of various sizes and shapes that release ions that positively affect psycho-physical health. Below you can see some examples of how Himalayan salt products Vinove Sadov (TO) dedicates to the spa, wellness centres, and spa centres.

Hall Hall for Halotherapy

Patented spray system (10 year warranty)
cabina del sale

The salt cabinet is made of tempered glass with marine wood bases, indoor walls entirely covered with salt, chromotherapy roof, patented hydrothermal spray (guaranteed 10 years), 24 "inch TV, end-of-stroke aspiration, central control panel in various measures.

It is possible to make the cabin with White Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt Room.

This cabin has a modern design thanks to its dimensions (2.20 x 1.50 cm), from being easily positioned in all environments, without masonry and without electrical wiring.

The cabin has a simple mounting system (with instructions) and above all easy to dismantle , this allows if you need to move it as you want.

The Idrosalino Nebulizer made in 316 stainless steel (patented and guaranteed for 10 years) reproduces the sea cabin / room / grotto in the sea breeze giving all its benefits.

Available hydrosaline solutions at the Salt of Sicily, Himalayas Hall and Dead Sea Salt.

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