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Transport solutions

Sadep in Vinovo (TO) is always attentive to the demands and needs of its clientele, offering various solutions to meet any kind of need.

trasporto sale

We carry out a detailed distribution of salts of all kinds, from food to industry, from water treatment to road discharging ACROSS ITALY, directly from production outlets (for large quantities) and from our head office in Vinovo (TO).

We carry out every type of delivery using our fleet of vehicles (articulated, truck, tipper with lateral or rear discharge, silos, trailer truck, low-powered truck and small-sized lorry for city and country roads).

consegna sale


Custom made deliveries are possible from full loads to small quantities ACROSS ITALY. For special applications or for customers who do not have a forklift truck we have trucks equipped with hydraulic shores and electric pallet trucks so that our drivers are able to unload the products on their own and move them according to clients' needs.

scarico manuale sale


For customers who need storage of goods in boiler rooms, thermal power plants, etc ... we offer a manual drain service that allows our customers to have the goods delivered near the place of use.

For any queries, please feel free to contact us to inquire about our products and our delivery methods.

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