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Salt supplements

In blocks or bags of 25 kg

Sadep in Vinovo (TO), operates with respect for the environment, and offers a selection of salt for livestock feed, which includes salgem supplements and mineral salts supplements available in blocks for zootechnics and in 25kg bags.

Our products are suitable for breeding cattle, horses, sheep, goats and game and are available as:

  • Salgemma supplements in 10 kg blocks

Salgame (sodium chloride) is an indispensable element in animal nutrition, and it must form a part of any supplement for cattle.

  • Mineral salts supplement in 10 kg blocks

this mineral salt supplement has a higher content of microelements than simple feed, which means that it must be administered in amounts not exceeding 1% of the daily ration of the animal.

  • Zootechnic products in 25kg bags

This is a sea salt dried up in our 220 ° oven that is mixed with animal feed to supplement

the nutritional intake.

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