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Fine Pink Himalayan Salt

1 kg and 25 kg

Sale Rosa Himalaya Fino

This is the finest and most complete salt of all salts, containing more than 80 trace elements useful to our body. It is a 100% pure non-polluting salt and is not chemically treated in any way: pink salt is simply harvested, selected, washed in a saturated solution to remove dust and any residue, ground and then packaged. Having a low sodium chloride content is ideal for those who suffer from hypertension, water retention and muscle cramps.

Himalayan Pink Salt Plate

Rectangular 20x30x4 cm
Piastra di sale rosa 20x30

Ideal for quality cooking thanks to the 84 trace elements of Himalayan salt within.

Himalayan Pink Salt Plate

Square 20x20x4 cm
Piastra di sale 20x20

The salt of these plates has the ability to retain heat for a long time, so you get perfect and uniform cooking.

Himalayan Pink Salt Plate

Circular 20x4 cm
Piastra di sale circolare 20

These plates can be used in the oven, on the barbecue or directly on the stove with the special metal supportw with wooden handles. In the case of cold dishes, or even ice-creams, placing the plate in a freezer allows you to have a cold dish that keeps the food at optimal freshness.

Cleaning: Simply use a classic kitchen damp sponge. Never use detergents or chemicals because the plate is natural and must remain so to function optimally.

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