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Sadep (TO) has developed a salt line for purifying and sterilising pool water through the electrolysis process, so as to avoid adding chlorine or anti-algae products, that can irritate the eyes and skin.

The benefits of using salt to purify and sterilise pool water are many:

  • Disinfecting chlorine is directly taken from the salt (sodium chloride) and dissolved in your pool through the electrolysis process, so you use natural chlorine from salt and not a chemical chlorine.
  • The water is clear and sterilised, avoiding eye and skin irritation (salinity of 5 gr / lt).
  • Our pads are made up of pure salt at 99.9% this guarantees the absolute absence of impurities in the water of your pool.

And for the most demanding clientele, we recommend our Pink Himalayan Salt for swimming pools which is a pure 100% pure fossil salt that, in addition to purifying and sterilising the water, distributes its 84 trace elements to your pool recreating the environment of a spa, and treating skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and other skin disorders.

Tips for adding salt to your pool: you need to restore salt concentration to your pool at least two or three times per season; make a salinity check and add salt if the concentration is less than 5 gr / lt.

To know how many kg of salt you need to add we suggest a simple formula:
(optimum concentration - real concentration) x (cubic meters of the pool) = (kg of salt to add)

Example with a pool of 100 mc and a saline concentration of 2.8 gr / lt

optimum concentration: 5 gr / lt

real concentration of your pool: 2.8 gr / lt

cubic feet of your pool: 100 mc

Kg of salt to add: 220 kg

Formula used: (5 gr / lt - 2.8 gr / lt) x 100 mc = 220 Kg

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