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The Sadep of Vinovo (Turin) offers a wide selection of salts, selected to meet the every need of both companies, individuals and institutions:

  • Seasoning for the Food Sector
  • Pink Himalayan Salt
  • Water Treatment Salt
  • Road Dredging Salt
  • Livestock Halls
  • Tabacco Salt
  • Chemical Industry Salt
  • Textile Industry Salt
  • Salt for the Metallurgical Industry
  • Salt for other uses (Ceramic coating; Construction of roadways; Explosive safety; Cosmetics)

In addition to commercialising a wide range of high quality food and industrial saline products, Sadep offers its own line of Hyperpure Salt water softeners and "ACQUAPURA" for the preparation of brandy.

"ACQUAPURA" was discovered through intensive research and realised, in form and substance, taking into account its field of application (softening water / food brine). The salt used to produce the pads is pure re-crystallised salt at 99.9% of Food Quality, so it does not leave any impurities or residues. This product complies with the EN 973 TYPE A standard for regenerating water softener resins, compliant with Codex Alimentarius, and is free of allergens and genetically modified organisms.

The pads dissolve slowly, ensuring a homogeneous and constant action in the regeneration of softener resins, ensuring excellent performance and product savings. In the case of food brimmers, the pads produce a saline environment that works as a powerful disinfectant against the attack of pathogenic germs causing disease, making the foods safe from the bacterial point of view.

The "ACQUAPURA" line has been created to maximise both efficiency and cost.

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