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Sausage and meat industry

Salt for the preservation of cold meats
Sale per salumi

Sausages are one of the many gastronomic delights of our country, which boasts a vast range in each of its regions. Raw, smoked ham, speck, cooked ham, salami, sausage and everything our country can offer in the salami range: for each speciality we offer the perfect salt to enhance taste, refine the seasoning and ensure the preservation and freshness of quality.

Sadep in Vinovo (TO) offers a wide range of salt suitable for drying- both salty or brine; this is recommended for salting hams ahead of baked and sausages in general. Dried sea salt or recrystallized salt works well; for salami or speck and raw ham the average dried sea salt is perfect; as is our large dried sea salt range.

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