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For millennia, humanity has been devoted to the production of cheese: from Mesopotamical discoveries to Bible testimonies to the accounts of Olympic athletes in ancient Greece, cheese was clearly considered a delicacy. There are documents that reveal how cheese would be rationed daily to Roman legionnaires, the dairy production of cheese in the high Middle Ages abbeys and the Basso Medieval recipes that attest to the tradition of cheeses on the plates of nobility.

And throughout its long, long history salt has been used for the preservation of cheese, to enhance their flavour and regulate the proliferation of specific micro-organisms capable of transforming rennet into such a noble food as cheese. Depending on the different types of cheese, processing methods can be numerous and vary depending on the type of salt.

Sadep in Vinovo (TO) offers a wide range of salts for use in the dairy industry, depending on the type of production we have specific salts of different granulometry and origin that allow you to obtain an excellent finished product.

Depending on how it is to be used, we recommend our medium or large sea salts or Iperpuro Vacuum salt for cheese-making purposes.

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