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Hyperpure Salt Pads "ACQUAPURA"

Sadep in Vinovo (TO) has been producing its own line of "ACQUAPURA" salt pads (99.9%) for water softeners for almost 30 years.

The "ACQUAPURA" pads have been studied and realised in form and substance, taking into account their field of application (water softening). The salt used to produce them is pure crystalline salt at 99.9% of Food Quality, so it doesn't leave any impurities or residues.

This product complies with the EN 973 TYPE A regeneration standards for softeners resins, complies with the Codex Alimentarius and is completely free from allergens, genetically modified organisms, impurities and residues.

The pads dissolve slowly, guaranteeing homogeneous and constant action in regenerating the softener resins, ensuring excellent performance and product economy.

Our line of water softening products includes:

  • Saltwater pads "ACQUAPURA" in 25 kg and 10 kg bags

see explanation above.

  • Recrystallised boiling salt compacted in 25 kg bags

A pure 99.9% pure recrystallised boiling water which is compacted by mechanical pressure.

  • Big dried sea salt in 25 kg and 10 kg bags. A large grain sea salt that is washed several times and centrifuged, then dried in 220 ° ovens so as to obtain a white and dry salt.
  • Large washed marine-centrifuged sea salt in 25 kg and 10 kg bags

A large grain sea salt that is washed several times and centrifuged.

  • Disinfectants (sodium hypochlorite)

Yellow-green liquids based on sodium hypochlorite are very effective for the disinfection of water

for drinking. This product does not involve tissue or functional reactive manifestations of a

support aspects of harm to doses of habitual use. This product is used with pumps

dispersants proportional to a concentration suitable to obtain 0.2 ppm of free chlorine after 20-30

minute contact (DPR 236/88).

  • Anticorrosive and Anticrostant for systems (polyphosphates) in 30 kg drums

Liquids that can be used in hydraulic systems, with anticorrosive and anti - sticking action for drinking water and

for general purposes, having a hardness of less than 15 ° F (a specific product is used) or greater than 15 ° F

(another type of product is used) or at the output of a softening system. These products form a film

which prevents direct contact between the water and the metal of the tubing, avoiding the formation of the

limestone incrustations due to residual hardness at the exit of the softening system or to a hardness

less than 15 ° F.

And so much more.

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